Plastic is everywhere!

Like many other concerned consumers, I set about reducing my use of plastic, but I found that it was extremely difficult to source many everyday items that were free from plastic or excessive, plastic packaging.  So, I decided to launch the Plastic Free Company and put a together a collection of plastic free products that would make it easier for everyone who is environmentally concerned, but also busy, to reduce their plastic footprint.

Our mission is simple – to reduce plastic pollution.

I personally find the damage caused to the Oceans the most impactive. This is probably because of the recent, brilliant photography and filming, that has captured the turtle with the straw up its nose; the huge islands of floating plastic; and the sea birds regurgitating 240 pieces of plastic, when that should have been food.

This is what led to the company’s mantra, ‘ A clear conscience – A clean Ocean’ and why 10% of our profits are donated to the Marine Conservation Society, whose vision is:

Seas full of life – seas and coasts where nature flourishes and people thrive.

Our products are also sourced to be as ethical, eco-friendly and biodegradable as possible, with an emphasis on quality and value. Packaging by the Plastic Free Company is recyclable and kept to a minimum.

Thankfully, many of us are passionate about reducing plastic pollution and I would love you to share any tips and ideas you have for plastic free living, or if you have any plastic free products for sale that I can promote then please contact me.

Many thanks for your time,

Sarah May

Founder of The Plastic Free Company