Amazonian Tribes should leave us feeling ashamed

rainforest during foggy day
Photo by David Riaño Cortés on

I have just read an interesting article, in the Daily Mail, on the isolated and uncontacted tribes of the Amazon Forest. Two of the tribes, the Akuntsu and Kanoe have been seen by government workers and both were wearing jewellery made from discarded pieces of plastic! It is ironic that these people who live simple lives, in harmony with the environment and create no pollution, find a way to put our rubbish to some use. If only we could find ways of dealing with used plastic in the ‘educated’ world.

But how disappointing that plastic has been found in the almost impenetrable Amazon rainforest. It was only this year, during the Volvo Ocean Race Science programme, that plastic was discovered in the world’s most remote ocean – The Southern Ocean. So, unwanted, discarded, and ecotoxic plastic is pretty much everywhere on the planet.


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