Reduce – Reuse – Repair – Recycle

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Ok, so the first three in that list are in order of importance and recycling should be the last resort – but far better than disposal nether-the-less! So, recycling does have its merits.

My local Council is having a push on recycling paper, and they have sent everyone a leaflet with recycling facts, that I actually found quite interesting. For instance:

  • If everyone in the town recycled 2 toilet rollĀ  tubes it would power the library for 11 days. I thought that was impressive!
  • Recycling just 1 glossy magazine saves enough energy to boil a kettle 9 times.
  • It only takes 7 days for a recycled newspaper to come back as a new newspaper.

Hopefully, this will encourage more paper recycling but I also saw online that there was the opportunity to recycle low grade plastics at the town’s refuge centre. So, I washed and saved all my low grade plastics, which I also separated into their relevant PE numbers, and took them along. Only to be told that they went in the non-recyclable waste (no washing or separation required there!). Apparently they are then incinerated, with everything else, to produce ‘green’ energy. I am not too sure how ‘green’ that energy will be!!!

Oh, we have a long way to go when it comes to managing plastic.


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