Day one or one day, you decide.

This is day one for the Plastic Free Company!

The aim is to provide plastic free alternatives to everyday items and share ideas on reducing plastic waste.

Everyone needs to play a part in the reduction of plastic waste, so why not make this your Day one on the journey to being Plastic Free.

Plastic has been around since the 1930’s but takes hundreds of years to degrade (if it really ever degrades- micro plastics, a topic for another day!). This means that unless it has been incinerated the vast majority of plastic, ever made, is still on the planet. Buried deep in landfill sites, it is hidden from our conscience but a huge proportion is washed into, or dumped into, the ocean.

Some recent articles have suggested that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean- unbelievable!!

So what can we do?

The most obvious, is to reduce the amount of plastic that is used and therefore produced to an absolute minimum. We can all play a part in this by introducing changes to our lifestyle, choosing plastic free alternatives and using consumer pressure to influence products and packaging.

Where plastic is essential then there must be a clear , realistic strategy for it to be recycled. Paper coffee cups (lined with polyethylene, as the vast majority are) are technically recyclable. However, they have to be clean an make it to one of two recycling centres in the UK. I would love to know what percentage of cups are recycled but I bet it’s a drop in the ocean!



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